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We sell your business

Once you have prepared your business for sale or have designed an exit plan using The Time Tot Sell tools, you will probably want us to help with selling your business as well.

We will do it with pleasure!

Small or medium-sized businesses sell almost exclusively online using business brokers. The success rate can be anywhere between 2-10% depending on the business, the field of activity and the degree of involvement of the broker in the sale. It's a process that can take up to 24 months.

We can do this for you, too.

The time we need to successfully sell your business will be no more than 18 months and a professional broker will be assigned to handle the sale of your business.

I want more than online ads ... Can you do that?

Yes! If you want to maximize your chances of success we will actively seek buyers for your business. This means that, in addition to online ads that will only lead to The Time To Sell contact details, your professional broker will daily contact a number of potential buyers for your business.


The number of buyers contacted daily will be agreed upon agreed with you. Also in agreement with you we will establish: the fields of activity, size, and geographical positioning of buyers. Even more: you can also choose who NOT to contact in order to sell your business.

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Strict Confidentiality

All of The Time To Sell services - especially your business sales services - will be done while maintaining strict confidentiality regarding your intention to sell your business. This privacy also extends to all data received from you and will stay in effect for at least five years from the date of our first contact.

Potential buyers will exclusively contact your broker at The Time To Sell and will not have access to your contact details unless you wish to provide them.

Learn more about maintaining privacy ->

Learn more about maintaining privacy   -->

What are the fees for these sales services?

For business sales services, the costs consist of two components:


  1. a fixed monthly amount allocated to cover the expenses generated by different methods of searching for buyers. This amount can be between $500-$6000/month, depending on the method or methods chosen.

  2. a successful commission between 5-12%, depending on the size of the business and the degree of difficulty with its sale.


The Time To Sell rates are lower or at most equal to others in the industry.

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The selling philosophy of The Time To Sell is to look for buyers in circles. The closest circle is made up of the people closest to your business, having the highest chances to buy it because they already know you and your business.


To the extent that we will not be successful with the people in this circle, your professional broker will create and contact circles further and further away. He will stop when all possibilities are exhausted or when you ask him to do so.


Do you know any other M&A firm or business broker that works the same as we do?

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