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Your pre-sale business preparation plan

Your business preparation plan for sale will provide you with guidelines for action so that the value of your business can really grow in the eyes of its future owners. This means knowing what steps to take each month, so you can sell the business successfully, enjoy more free time, and eliminate your daily routine. It will be designed together with you, taking into consideration all the important aspects that are most important to you. If you wish, we can also help you with its implementation phase.

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What is a pre-sale business preparation plan?

It's exactly what it sounds like: a plan to prepare your business for sale. Designing such a plan involves evaluating the current situation of the company, after which we (you and our professionals) will work together to develop a preparation strategy based on the exit method you have chosen as well as on your personal goals.


Implementing the plan will make your business more stable, more efficient, more "silhouette", and more desired by its potential buyers. In addition, your personal goals will be much easier to achieve and in a shorter time because you will have clear, measurable goals and you will see how your business becomes more valuable, month after month.

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Your business preparation plan for sale gets you: