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Create an Exit Plan with The Time To Sell

A realistic, objective Exit Plan is the first step to successfully leaving your business. We will be able to continue preparing your business for this step, ending with either the actual sale of it or another way out.


The most important thing is to take the first step in the right direction.

The most important common point of entrepreneurs when they think about getting out of their business is whether they can maintain their current standard of living without ever having to work for it again. This is called "financial security".


Our goal in this regard is to provide you with accurate, verified data related to the level of your monthly expenses, which will result in the minimum amount of money needed to continue to cover this level for the rest of your life - as well as your partner's life. Then we will evaluate your business and other assets held to see if they can cover the amounts needed to maintain your desired standard of living.


From experience we know that you will be tempted to over-evaluate certain aspects (such as the value of your business) and to under-evaluate others (such as the level of your monthly expenses), resulting in totally unrealistic figures. This is why we recommend that you consult with specialists in this field.

Well, here's the result of the analysis. What next?

As a result of the real evaluation of your assets and the amount necessary to obtain financial security for the rest of your life, we will have two possible situations: there will be sufficient money for what you want, or not. Depending on the outcome, we will establish the optimal exit strategy for you, along with other options you have to achieve what you want.

I want to leave it to someone in my family

Maybe you think someone in your family will take over your business.

In this case, we will work together to investigate if this is the best way forward: for you and for him/her.

An employee will take over the business

You can sell the business to one of your employees or to your management team. But do not take this step by yourself.

It's better to do some calculations, run some possible scenarios, and establish the acceptable takeover conditions for you. You have to decide what you will discuss with them ahead of time, and how to handle the problem of selling in this case.

If you want to sell it to a third party investor - strategic or financial buyers - you already know: we can help you: we'll find 4-7 concrete offers in this regard, together with their anticipated payment methods.

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