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I sell my business...

Together we will prepare your business for sale by removing up to 95% of the most common reasons buyers will give in hopes of lowering the sale price.

10 minutes later, you look like a genius

It takes so long to complete the questionnaire. Maybe a little more ...

After only 10 minutes you will know more about preparing a business for sale than 95% of entrepreneurs. The remaining 5% are those who have already gone through the process of selling a business as well as the professionals from financial investment firms.

Preparing for a sale consists of:

  • resolving as many negative aspects as possible: that the buyer will use in an attempt to decrease the value of your business

  • improving the performance of your business.

Such a business will be more valuable not only to you but to your buyers as well.

You will sell it easier and at a premium price

Here's how it works

Fill out

Complete the online questionnaire in ~ 10 minutes


Within 48 hours we will analyze and interpret the data manually

You get

You will receive the promised detailed results via email

Your advisor is always on call

You’re bound to have questions. Our friendly professionals are here to make sure you know what to do so everything moves along smoothly and that you are making progress with preparing your business for sale. You can make arrangements to chat with them any time that is convenient for you.

More time for you

While preparing the business for sale you will notice that you will spend less and less time working on the administrative side. Your business will continue to work (almost) the same, with or without you.

That is, you will have more time for yourself and for what really matters in your life.

Still have a few questions?

Here are the answers to some questions we’re frequently asked by people:

1. Preparing a business for sale? What is this about?
2. Why do I need to prepare my business for sale?
3. How long will it take to prepare my business for sale?
4. What if I no longer want to sell my business at the end of the preparation?
5. How long will my business stay ready for sale?
6. Will you also handle the sale of my business?